Racial Issues in National Politics

April 18, 1956

Report Outline
Eisenhower, Congress, and Negro Rights
Threat of Race Issue to Democratic Unity
Rise of Negro Influence in Elections

Eisenhower, Congress, and Negro Rights

The tense struggle over segregation in the South has pushed the explosive issue of race relations into the political spotlight, where it is likely to remain for the duration of the 1956 presidential campaign. Negro leaders, spurred by favorable Supreme Court decisions, are determined to press toward their goal of “first-class citizenship” through political action. Southern political leaders are prepared to resist change in traditional race patterns of their area by all appropriate means. For Negro citizens and most southern whites, racial issues are paramount.

For the Democratic party, the conflict presents a crucial test of its ability to reweld the cracking coalition of northern liberals and southern conservatives which was its strength during the 20 years of Democratic domination, 1932-1952. Today the two factions—one dedicated to civil rights, the other to states' rights—are ready to fight for control of the party at the Chicago presidential nominating convention in August.

For the Republicans, the race issue is less disruptive but still has proved embarrassing. The administration is caught in a cross-fire of criticism over its civil rights policies. On the one hand it is urged to intervene in the South for protection of Negro rights; on the other, it is warned against any attempt at coercion of the white South on school segregation or other racial issues.

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