Training for War Service

October 24, 1950

Report Outline
Need of Trained Forces for Natioanl Security
Plans for Compulsory Military Training
Postwar Developments in Training Methods
Problems of Operating a U.M.T. Program

Need of Trained Forces for Natioanl Security

Reluctant Acceptance of the principle of compulsory military training by many citizens who have opposed it in the past has been one of the results of the series of American reverses in Korea in the summer of 1950 and ensuing public recognition that the country's defenses must be kept in a state of readiness for war for an indefinite period.

The Senate Armed Services Committee was ready in August to bring a universal training bill to the floor for immediate consideration but postponed action at the request of President Truman who feared that prolonged debate would impede other more immediately essential measures. At the same time the President reiterated his support of compulsory training for war service and called for enactment of a U.M.T. bill in January 1951. The “preparedness subcommittee” of the Senate, headed by Johnson (D., Tex.), is now at work on training legislation which will have a high place on the agenda of the 82nd Congress.

Pressure for Universal Training Legislation

Prior to the Korean emergency, strongest popular support for universal military service or training had been shown shortly after the close of World War I and after World War II. At neither time, however, did it receive sufficient public backing to win approval by Congress.

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