Atlantic Security and American Defense

November 3, 1948

Report Outline
Project for a North Atlantic Defense Pact
Aims of Present and Proposed Military Agreements
United States Problems in Providing Military Aid

Project for a North Atlantic Defense Pact

Participation by the United States in a union of nations for North Atlantic defense, and means of meeting the military needs of other members of the union, will be the most important questions in the field of foreign affairs to come before the new Congress when it meets in January.

The Senate expects a presidential request for its consent to a treaty by which the United States and Canada would join in a reciprocal undertaking with the five members of the present Western European Union, and possibly other North Atlantic nations, to support one another in case any one of them becomes the object of an armed attack. The treaty may further provide for joint consultation on any situation which threatens the peace of the North Atlantic region.

The House will be asked to join with the Senate in authorizing military assistance to Western European nations, as part of a reciprocal aid program to buttress the North Atlantic security agreement. Acting Secretary of State Lovett said, Oct. 6, that the five signatories of the Brussels Pact—Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg—were already at work on estimates of the material that would be required from the United States, and on plans for mutual assistance among themselves in obtaining needed military supplies.

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