Aid to Displaced War Workers

July 21, 1945

Report Outline
Emerging Problem of Reconversion Unemployement
Magnitude of Reconversion Unemployment
Estimates of Unemployment During 1945–46
Measures to Ease Workers Through Transition
Special Focus

Emerging Problem of Reconversion Unemployement

Cutbacks in munitions production since the end of the war in Europe have released about half a million men and women from war jobs in the United States. To date displaced war workers have experienced little difficulty in finding other jobs and no serious unemployment has developed. In the near future, however, war workers may be released considerably faster than they can be absorbed by reconverted industry. An acceleration, at the same time, of the Army's demobilization program may bring them into keen competition for available jobs with discharged members of the armed forces.

At the request of President Truman, a bill to expand unemployment compensation for displaced war workers was introduced in the House, July 9, by Chairman Doughton (D., N. C.) of the Ways and Means Committee. A rival bill, covering much the same ground and providing in addition for travel allowances to workers in shut-down war production areas, was offered in the Senate, July 17, by Sen. Kilgore (D, W. Va.). Since both houses are planning early recesses, there is no possibility of action on these measures until Congress reconvenes in the autumn. Changes in the employment situation during the next two months, and in the course of the war with Japan, will largely determine the scope of the legislation finally enacted.

Early action by Congress for relief of displaced war workers was urged by Fred M. Vinson, July 1, in his final report as Director of War Mobilization and Reconversion.

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