Argentina and the United States

January 7, 1944

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Argentina, the Axis, and the United Nations
Argentine-United States Political Relations
Argentine-United States Economic Relations

Argentina, the Axis, and the United Nations

Relations between the United States and the Argentine Republic have deteriorated steadily since the United State became a belligerent in World War II. The bad feeling existing between the two countries has been aggravated during recent weeks by reports that the coup that overthrew the pro-Ally government of Bolivia, Dec. 20, had its inspiration across the border in Argentina, and by charges in the Chilean Congress, Dec. 30, that “neighboring countries” were plotting to overthrow the government of Chile and set up an anti-democratic regime at Santiago corresponding to those in power at Buenos Aires and LaPaz.

On recommendation of the Emergency Advisory Committee for the Political Defense of the Western Hemisphere, American governments which have declared war on the Axis powers or broken diplomatic relations with them are now examining the “circumstances that determined the establishment” of the new government in Bolivia. Confirmation of reports that pro-Axis elements in Argentina played a part in the Bolivian revolution would bring relations between that country and other American republics to a critical stage.

Argentina extended official recognition to the new Bolivian regime on Jan. 3. All other American nations have withheld such action pending the outcome of exchanges of information and consultations among themselves. The Associated Press reported from Washington, Jan. 3, that some action against Argentina, “possibly as drastic as a break in relations,” seemed inevitable. “This move,” the dispatch added, “would undoubtedly be taken jointly with Great Britain [and] would mean economic sanctions.”

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