Gas Warfare

August 27, 1943

Report Outline
Poison Gas as a Weapon in World War II
Evolution of Chemical Warfare
Recent Development of Gas Warfare
Treaties to Ban Use of War Gases

Poison Gas as a Weapon in World War II

Predictions of Last-Ditch Use of Gas by Nazis

Poison gases are being manufactured and stored in quantity by all major belligerents. Ready for instant use, they constitute a weapon which could wreak havoc on civilian populations, as well as among military forces, once present restraints were thrown off and killing by gas became an accepted method of combat in World War II.

The ever-present possibility of surprise attack with gas has made instruction in defensive measures an important element in the training of every soldier, and the gas mask a vital piece of equipment for every man in the field. European nations in theaters of military operations have long prepared for gas attack on their cities from the air by teaching methods of self-protection to their peoples.

Poison gases have not yet been used against British or American forces in any theater of war. Spokesmen for Germany, Great Britain and the United States have given assurances that their armies will not resort to gas warfare, but each country has threatened instant retaliation if poison gas should be employed by its enemies.

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