Schools and Job Opportunities

September 23, 1938

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Rapid Growth of Secondary Education
The Job Problem for Young People
Federally Aided Vocational Education
Emergency Measures and Long-Range Plans
Special Focus

Rapid Growth of Secondary Education

The Office of Education at Washington estimates that 30,500,000 children and youths are enrolled in United States schools this year, equalling or exceeding last year's all-time high enrollment. Over 8,000,000 of these students are in the high school and college grades.

Today there are more than nine times as many students in schools of the high school level as there were in 1900. Attending high school used to be exceptional. Now it is considered normal, although the proportion of boys and girls between 14 and 18 who are in school is still less than two-thirds of the total number. This tremendous increase of secondary education has brought with it many new problems which have not yet been adequately reflected by changes in the high school curriculum.

Homer P. Rainey, director of the American Youth Commission, writes in his foreword to a presentation of a detailed analysis of a group of young people in Maryland: “The facts in this study indicate that our present secondary school is still a highly selective institution adapted to the needs of a small minority of our population.”

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