Government Aid to Farm Tenants

December 12, 1936

Report Outline
Tenancy Legislation in Next Congress
Development of Farm Tenancy System
Tenancy Programs in Foreign Countries
Special Focus

Tenancy Legislation in Next Congress

A Legislative Program designed to check the rapid increase in farm tenancy revealed by the 1935 agricultural census will be laid before Congress by President Roosevelt early in the next session. The President's intention of pressing for tenancy legislation became known late in September when he addressed letters to Senator Bankhead (D., Ala.) and Chairman Jones (D., Tex.) of the House Committee on Agriculture asking them to prepare preliminary plans and to meet with him early in December “to complete recommendations to Congress.” This action was followed, November 17, by appointment of a special committee, headed by Secretary Wallace, and composed of 38 farm leaders, editors, government officials, and private citizens, to conduct a comprehensive study of farm tenancy and to submit a report by February 1, 1937, on “a long-term program of action to alleviate the shortcomings of our farm tenancy system.”

Roosevelt's Concern Over Rise in Farm Tenancy

President Roosevelt, in his letters to Senator Bankhead and Rep. Jones, on September 21, indicated grave concern over the steady increase in farm tenancy from 1880 to 1935.

Since the earlier days of their history [he said], it has been an ideal of the American people that every American should have an ownership interest in land or in some other means of production. Despite this fundamental objective, we have seen farm tenancy increase relative to farm ownership decade by decade. An enduring agricultural civilization must be built on the firm foundation of home and farm ownership. Any Ions-time improvement of the welfare of the nation and of farm people involves improvement of the tenancy situation.

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