Control of Obstruction in Congress

April 4, 1935

Report Outline
The Administration Program in the 74th Congress
Control of Obstruction in the House
Regulation of Debate in British Parliament
Senate Filibusters and the Cloture Rule
Proposed Remedies for Senate Obstruction
Special Focus

The Administration Program in the 74th Congress

The 74th congress entered its fourth month April 3 with the administration work relief bill, the first great measure on its schedule, at the point of final approval but not yet sent to the President for his signature. Under normal circumstances, the present session would be expected to adjourn by mid-June. The delay to date in action on major legislation suggests, however, that the session may continue through the summer and into the autumn if the President insists upon passage of all important measures on his program.

Majority Leader Robinson of the Senate said after a conference at the White House, March 25, that the following measures “should be enacted” before the adjournment of the present session.

Social security legislation providing old age pensions and unemployment insurance.

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