The Child Labor Amendment, 1924–1934

March 3, 1934

Report Outline
Revival of Federal Child Labor Amenment
Curtailment of Child Labor Under N. R. A. Codes
Past Federal Efforts to Regulate Child Labor
Extent of Child Labor in the United States
Special Focus

Revival of Federal Child Labor Amenment

The child labor amendment, submitted to the states by Congress in 1924 for ratification as a part of the federal Constitution, has now been pending for nearly ten years. The amendment would give power to Congress to “limit, regulate, and prohibit the labor of persons under eighteen years of age.” It was approved by the House of Representatives April 26,1924, and by the Senate June 2, 1924.

From 1924 to 1932 the amendment was ratified by the legislatures of only six states. It was rejected during this period by one or both houses of the legislatures of 32 states, and at the end of 1932 was generally regarded as lost. In 1933, however, the amendment was ratified by the legislatures of 14 states, all but two of which had previously taken adverse action in one or both houses.

No additional gains have been made during 1934, to date, but a new campaign in support of the amendment, in which officials of the Roosevelt, administration at Washington are taking an active part, has recently been put under way. The objective of this campaign is to bring about ratification by the thirty-sixth state before the middle of 1935 in order to “make permanent the gains achieved under N. R. A,”

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