Decisions of the Supreme Court, 1930–31

June 6, 1931

Report Outline
Disposition of Cases Under Taft and Hughes
Decisions in Cases of a Political Nature
Decisions in Social and Criminal Cases
Railroad, Public Utility, and Insurance Cases
Anti-Trust Cases and Questions of Unfair Competition
Federal and State Tax Cases
Special Focus

Disposition of Cases Under Taft and Hughes

During the 1930–31 terra of the Supreme Court of the United States, which came to a close on June 1, the Court's docket displayed 1,015 appellate cases and 24 original cases. Of this number, 8 original eases and 892 appellate cases were cleared, making the total number of cases disposed of during the term a round 900.

The 1930–31 term was the first terra entirely under the administration of Chief Justice Hughes. In the disposition of cases he continued the pace that had been set by Chief Justice Taft. The number of cases decided during the term indicates that the Court has fully caught up with its work. It heard all the arguments that could have been heard during the term, and in fact was ready to hear one more case, but the time elapsed between the granting of the petition for review and the day set for argument was not sufficient for preparation of the necessary briefs.

The following is a tabular comparison of the disposition of cases before and after the passage of the Jurisdictional Act of 1925 and during the administrations of Chief Justice Taft and Chief Justice Hughes.

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