Seventy-First Congress, First and Second Sessions

July 5, 1930

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Record of the Seventhy-First Congress
Tariff, Taxation, and Appropriations
Foreign Relations
Veteran and National Defense Legislation
Legislation Relating to Agriculture
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Record of the Seventhy-First Congress

The first (special) session of the Seventy-first Congress, called by President Hoover to enact farm relief and tariff legislation, met on April 15, 1929, and adjourned, November 22, 1929, with an intervening summer recess of two months. The second session convened on December 2, 1929, and adjourned July 3, 1930.

During the two sessions more than 600 new laws were placed upon the statute books. The most important of these were the Agricultural Marketing Act, the Hawley-Smoot Tariff, and the Census and Reapportionment Act. Secondary measures provided for a temporary tax reduction; expansion of federal highway, public building, and waterway programs; reorganization of the Federal Power Commission; consolidation of veterans' agencies; liberalization of veteran relief legislation; transfer of the Prohibition Bureau to the Department of Justice; and various measures in partial compliance with the President's law enforcement program. As in all other recent Congresses, more than nine-tenths of the legislation finally enacted consisted of bridge bills and minor administrative authorizations.

The most important treaty submitted to the Senate during the two sessions was the London Naval Treaty, of which the President requested ratification on May 1, 1930. The treaty was favorably reported by the Foreign Relations Committee on June 23, but its consideration went over to the special session of the Senate called by the President for July 7. At the special session the Senate may also have before it the President's nominations to the reorganized Federal Power Commission and the United States Tariff Commission. Under the terms of the Hawley-Smoot Act, the latter commission must be reorganized within ninety days after June 17, 1930, the day on which the act was signed by the President.

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