Plans of Farm Relief

March 20, 1929

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Agricultural Tariffs1
The Stabilization Corporation Plan
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A special session of the Republican Congress elected last November has been called by President Hoover to meet on April 15, 1929, for the purpose of carrying out Republican campaign pledges on farm relief and the tariff. President Hoover said in his inaugural address, and again in his proclamation summoning the extra session, that “further agricultural relief and limited changes in the tariff can not in justice to our fanners, our labor, and our manufacturers be postponed.” The national platform on which Mr. Hoover stood as a candidate in 1928 said:

“The Republican party pledges itself to the development and enactment of measures which will place agricultural interests of America on a basis of economic equality with other industry to insure its prosperity and successes.”

This plank was identical in wording with the corresponding plank of the Republican national platform of 1924. The pledge to restore “a basis of economic equality” was given in 1924, and again in 1923, by a party during whose administration an almost continuous stream of farm relief measures had been enacted.

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