American Supervision of Foreign Elections

October 1, 1928

Report Outline
American Intervention in Nicaragua
American Intervention in Haiti
American Intervention in Santo Domingo
Important Notice
Supervision of Panaman Elections

A national election for the choice of a new president to serve during the next four years will be held in Nicaragua on Sunday, November 4, 1928, under American supervision. In three other Latin-American countries - Haiti, Santo Domingo and Panama -elections have heretofore been supervised by the United States. The projected plebiscite under American supervision in Taona and Arica to decide the dispute between Chile and Peru over possession of the provinces was abandoned in the spring of 1926, after six months of preparation, when it was decided that a fair plebiscite was impossible under the existing conditions.

The agreement for American supervision of the forthcoming Nicaraguan election was the direct result of the visit of Colonel Henry L. Stimson in 1927 as special emissary of the United States charged with the task of reconciling the opposing factions at war in Nicaragua. After considerable negotiation, the Conservative government of President Diaz on the one hand and the Liberal opposition on the other agreed to lay down their arms under the guarantee of Colonel Stimson that the United States would supervise in 1928 a free, fair and impartial election

Major Party Platform Planks on Nicaragua

American intervention in Nicaragua and the agreement for supervision of the presidential election were the subject of planks in the 1928 platforms of both the Republican and Democratic parties. The Democratic platform declared for a policy of “noninterference with the elections or other internal political affairs of any foreign nation,” and called for

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