Decisions of the Supreme Court 1927–28

June 9, 1928

Report Outline
Cases Growing Out of Senate Investigations
International and Race Problem Cases
Prohibition and Wire Tapping Cases
Anti-Trust Legislation and Trade Regulation by States
Railroad Problems
Federal Employers Liability Act and Seamen's Act
Problems of Federal and State Taxation
Statutes Declared Unconstitutional
Supreme Court Procedure in Criminal Cases

The 1927 term of the Supreme Court of the United States came to a close June 5, 1928. During this term, which began last October, the Court disposed of 859 out of 1049 cases docketed.

When the 1925 term came to a close in June, 1926, the Supreme Court had 451 cases still awaiting final disposition. In June, 1927, these arrears had been reduced to 295. If the Court had continued in May, 1927, to hear cases for one week longer than it did, it would have begun to hear cases filed in October, 1926 - at the opening of the term then about to adjourn.

When the Court adjourned at the end of the 1927 term, June 5, it had reduced the arrears of cases to 190, and had heard and decided cases which were filed in October and November last, in addition to a number of cases filed later, which on account of their importance had been advanced upon the Court's calendar.

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