The Economic Position of the Farmer

April 21, 1928

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Farm Crops and Prices 1927–1928
Outlook for the Livestock Industries
Exports of Leading Farm Products
The General Trend of Farm Prices
Agricultural Relief Legislation
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The situation respecting agriculture as a whole is one of slow improvement although conditions are not yet fully satisfactory. Farmers have been making incomes during the last three years equal to or better than their pre-war returns, but the cost of industrial goods and services has been relatively still higher, so that the low exchange value of the farmer's dollar has been a cause of continued dissatisfaction.

Speaking in broad terms, last year was a moderately good year for farmers as a whole. Appraised as a part of the general postwar period, it was a year of some slight further improvement for agriculture. There are exceptions to this statement, the chief being in the central and eastern Corn Belt where a poor crop of corn coupled with a slump in the hog market left the season a disappointing one. In the other main agricultural regions, 1927 was a moderately profitable year. This applies to the diversified dairy and fruit sections of the East, to the Cotton Belt, the Spring Wheat Belt and in a less degree to the Winter Wheat Belt, to the western portion of the Corn Belt, to the cattle and sheep country of the Far West, and to the Pacific Coast.

The total output of crops in 1927 was valued at $9,114,000,000, as compared with $8,438,000,000 in 1926, $9,531,000,000 in 1925, and $6,410,000,000 in the low year 1921. The 1927 crop output was the most valuable of any season, excepting 1925, since the beginning of the agricultural depression.

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