Significant Factors in the Current Business Situation

March 11, 1927

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Factors Underlying Post-War Prosfsrity
Present Situation and Future Prospects
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During the past few years prosperity has been the keynote of American business. Although alarmists have frequently warned business men that active production, full employment and large profits could not go on indefinitely, general prosperity has nevertheless continued. Depressions have been predicted periodically, but they have almost always failed to materialize. The output of American industry and consequently the buying power of the American people has continued to increase and in 1926 exceeded all previous records.

It has recently been estimated by the National Bureau of Economic Research that the total current income of the American people rose from less than 63 billion dollars in 1921 to nearly 90 billions in 1926. This income of over $2,000 for every person gainfully employed has provided probably the highest standard of living for the population as a whole ever enjoyed by any people in a modern industrial society.

National Income of the United States

The following table shows the estimated current national income of the people of the United States for recent years and the income per person gainfully employed.

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