The McNary-Haugen Bill

February 10, 1927

Report Outline
Provisions of Mcnary-Haugen Bill

An apparent reversal of congressional sentiment on the McNary-Haugen farm relief bill forecasts its passage through both houses at the present session of Congress. The bill has been pending in Congress in various forms since 1923 when its basic price ciples, which remain substantially unchanged, were first advanced as a legislative remedy for the farm surplus problem,

The bill received its first consideration in the House during the opening session of the Sixty-eighth Congress and was defeated June 3, 1924, by a vote of 154 ayes to 224 nays. It was not taken up in the Senate during that Congress. During the first session of the present Congress the bill was defeated in both houses.

  Ayes Nays Adverse Majority
House vote (May 21, 1926) 167 221 54
Senate vote (June 24, 1926) 39 45 6

The bill was vigorously opposed by the administration during the Sixty-eighth Congress and during the first, session of the present Congress and this opposition was largely responsible for its defeat. To date the opposition of the administration during the present session has been less forceful than in the past.

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