Control of the Senate in the 70th Congress

July 24, 1926

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Seats to Be Filled in 1926 Elections
Past Political Complexion of Electing States
Records of Senators Standing for Reelection

Party control in the Seventieth Congress, which meets for its first regular session December 5, 1927, will be determined November 2, 1926, in the forthcoming senatorial and congressional elections. The terms of all members of the House expire with the present Congress and 435 representatives will be chosen in the elections. In 33 states the voters will choose 34 senators - by election or reelection - to fill the seats of members of the upper house whose terms expire March 3, 1927.1

The strength of the parties in the present Congress, at the close of its first session, July 3, 1926, is shown in the following table.

Republicans 55–57.3 %
Democrats 40–41.6 %
Farmer-Labor 1–1.04%
Republicans 247–56.7 %
Democrats 183–42.1 %
Farmer-Labor 3–.60%
Socialist 2–.46%

In this table regular and independent Republicans are classified together, and vacant seats in the House are regarded as belonging to the parties with which the deceased members were affiliated.

The Republican party at present has an absolute majority of 14 - or 14,6 per cent of the total membership - in the Senate, and an absolute majority of 59 - or 13.5 per cent - in the House.

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