Sex Equality and Protective Laws

July 13, 1926

Report Outline
Present Position of Women in Industry
Protective Labor Laws in the United States
Protective Legislation and the Courts
Results of Special Laws for Women
The Employer and Protective Labor Legislation
Trade Union Organization and the Woman Worker
International Efforts for Protective Legislation
Special Focus

Industrial and social readjustments of a far-reaching character are implied in the present demand of women's organizations for complete economic equality between the sexes. The difficulties of such readjustments and the complexity of the problems they involve are increased by the fact that the organized women's groups not only in the United States but in practically every industrial country - are in disagreement as to how a condition of equality can be brought about. The outstanding point of difference one which has already produced a definite split in the woman's movement - is in the value placed by the opposing groups upon special labor legislation for women.

Aside from their own disagreement as to method, women face a three-fold opposition to their demand for equal economic rights. As stated by the leaders of their organizations, the principal forms of opposition are:

  1. The general opposition of men as a sex, which the women encountered in their campaign for equal political rights.

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