Impeachment Trials by the Senate

April 17, 1926

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The Process of Impeachment
House Procedure in Impeachment Cases
Senate Procedure in Impeachment Cases
Impeachment Trials of the Fast
Impeachments of Federal Judges
Charges Against Federal Judge English
The English Case and the Precedents

The forthcoming trial of George W. English, United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Illinois, upon the five articles of impeachment adopted by the House, will be the tenth impeachment trial at which the Senate has sat in judgement since the adoption of the Federal Constitution. Of the nine previous trials, only three resulted in conviction, and in two of these cases the impeached official failed to appear or submit a defense. The only defended case in which a conviction resulted was the case of Federal Judge Archbald, tried by the Senate in 1912. In their demand for the conviction and removal of Judge English, the House managers in the present case will place their chief reliance upon the precedents established in the Archbald case.

Charges Against Federal Judge English

Judge English was nominated for his present position by President Wilson, April 23, 1918. His nomination was confirmed by the Senate May 3 and he took the oath of office May 9, 1918, The acts charged in the House articles of impeachment occurred during 1919 and the ensuing five years.

The principal charges against Judge English are the following:

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