Disposal of Muscle Shoals

March 22, 1926

Report Outline
Government Activities at Muscle Shoals
Power Development at Muscle Shoals
Fertilizer Manufacture at Muscle Shoals
The Muscle Shoals Contest in Congress
Recommendations of Muscle Shoals Commission
Leasing Committee and the Ford Offer

Final action by Congress on the Muscle Shoals question will be in order upon the submission of a report to the House and Senate by the joint committee recently authorized to negotiate with private bidders for the leasing of the Government's nitrate and power properties in Alabama. The resolution creating the leasing committee calls for a report of its findings and recommendations, together with legislation to carry them into effect, not later than April 26, 1926.

In creating the present joint committee, the House and Senate carried out a recommendation made by President Coolidge in his 1925 message to the Sixty-ninth Congress. The accompanying recommendation that the properties be sold to the highest bidder was rejected, however, in favor of a 50-year policy.

“I am convinced that the best possible disposition can be made by direct authorization of the Congress,” the President said. “As a means of negotiation I recommend the immediate appointment of a small joint special committee chosen from the appropriate general standing committees of the House and Senate to receive bids, which when made should be reported with recommendations as to acceptance, upon which a law should be enacted, effecting a sale to the highest bidder who will agree to carry out these purposes.”

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