Super Power and Giant Power

January 4, 1926

Report Outline
Development of the Electrical Industry
Sources of Electric Power Supply
Present Status of Super Power
The Giant Power Plan
Special Focus

Social and economic changes comparable in importance to those brought about by the introduction of steam power are expected to result from recent technical advances in the generation and transmission of electric energy, and the accompanying expansion of the electrical industries of the United States. The rapid shift from steam to electric power in industry, and various economic developments which have been attributed to this change during the last five years, suggest that the “electrical age” may in the future be dated from 1920, and that some of the transformations it promises are already well under way.

The development known as superpower - a linking together of the most efficient power facilities over wide areas for maximum use - has made notable progress since 1920 in the West, the Middle West and the South. The establishment in the East of giant power industries, generating cheap power from coal at the mouth of the mines, and from the tides as well as the water falls, is in immediate prospect.

The Problem of a Power Monopoly

Combinations of power companies, which have been going forward at a rapid pace in many parts of the country as an accompaniment of this technical revolution in the industry, have raised in the public mind the fear of an all-powerful monopoly - a monopoly which has been pictured for the future as “reaching into every household” and “dominating the industrial life of the nation.”

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