The Shifting of Wealth in the United States

March 27, 1925

Report Outline
Shifts of Population
Shifts of Agriculture and Manufactures
Notable Changes in State Wealth
Income of the States
Special Focus

An examination of the material development of the United States reveals extraordinary shifts in the location of wealth, especially the per capita wealth of communities, these shifts failing to coincide with the general, steady movement of numbers of the population. While the center of population has pursued a steady westward trend, centers of wealth have proved mutable from decade to decade.

For census purposes the United States is divided into nine divisions, each of which, although drawn for geographical convenience, is nevertheless roughly representative of a distinctive type of industrial, agricultural or mining activity.

Analysis of the total wealth and per capita wealth of these sections reveals no obvious connection between the two. A typical example is the Pacific Coast division, which in 1922, the last year for which complete figures are available, stood first in per capita wealth, but ranked sixth in total wealth.

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