The President's Agricultural Conference

December 10, 1924
Entire Report

Various requests for specific Information from the Govern-merit departments and bureaus and from Congress have been made by the commission appointed by President Coolidge to study the agricultural situation and to make recommendations for the correction and relief of farm conditions much of this material has been covered in Editorial Research Reports.

Attention is called to the requests made and references to Editorial Research Reports are given herewith.

Members of Conference

On November 7 President Coolidge named the following experts to confer on the farm problems, in compliance with his statement in his speech on August 16 accepting the Republican nomination:

Robert D. Carey, of Wyoming, Chairman.

C.S. Barrett, Chairman of the National Board of Farm Organizations,

O.E. Bradfute, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

L. J. Tabor, Master of the National Grange.

Ralph P. Merritt, president of the Sun-Maid Raisin Growers.

R.W. Thatcher, director of the New York Experiment Station.

W.C. Coffey, dean of the College of Agriculture and director of the Experiment Station, University of Minnesota.

Fred H. Bixby., president of the American National Livestock Association.

William M. Jardine, president of the Kansas State Agricultural College (appointed later).

First Meeting–November 17–19

The conferees were received at the White House on November 17. Mr. Coolidge advised them that the scope of their investigations was not limited.

The first conference resulted in a call upon the several branches of the Federal Government for a digest of Information concerning their functions in any way relating to agriculture.


The Commission announced that it recognized the depressed condition of the cattle industry and stated that an early recommendation of some method of stabilization would be made.


Information concerning the operation of the Federal Reserve Board, Federal Farm Loan Board and the War Finance Corporation was requested.

(E.R.R. touching upon this subject: “The Bank Rate and Credit Control”—October 25. Agricultural credit, discounting of farm paper, and Farm Loan Board. Pages 443, 444, 445. Also pp. 341–346 for statistics on mortgage foreclosures, tenantry and changes in farm ownership.)

Digest of Legislation


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