The German National Elections

April 30, 1924
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Significance of Bavarian Elections

On April 6, 1924 elections for xsthe Bavarian Landtag were held in Bavaria. The following table shows the number of votes polled by the more important parties as reported in the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung of April 9.

Bavarian people's party 919,587.
People's Party 491,862.
Social Democrats 433,821.
Peasants' League 207,422.
Communists 203,017.
United Right Parties 197,509.
National Liberal Agricultural 29,416.
Christian Socialists 22,919.
Democrats 13,818.

In the previous elections of 1920 the Bavarian People's Party, which is the Bavarian branch of the Catholic Center Party, was returned with an overwhelming majority and, while it still retains its lead, it has suffered serious losses both to the extreme right and to the extreme left. In Munich the Communists this year polled twice as many votes as they did In 1920 and the United Right Parties with which Ludendorff and Hitler are affiliated polled this year in Munich twice as many votes as the Bavarian People's Party. The Results of the Bavarian elections cannot safely be taken as a measure of what will happen In the National Elections all over Germany on May 4 as local issues played an unusually important part in Bavaria and also because the issuance of the Dawes report and the deaths of Stinnes and Helfferich have occurred since then. Nevertheless the results of the Bavarian elections show the general trend away from moderation towards one extreme or the other which has been the di

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