Four Years Under the Eighteenth Amendment

January 15, 1924

Report Outline
Special Focus

  1. On January 16, 1923, the prohibition amendment will have been in effect for four full years. The amendment was proclaimed as a part of the constitution January 29, 1919 to become effective January 16, 1920, one year after ratification by the thirty sixth state.


  1. The best observance of prohibition throughout the nation obtained during the six months, beginning July 1, 1919, when war-time prohibition was in effect, and the succeeding year, the first year under the prohibition amendment. The record of the first eighteen months was due to the wide public support originally given the prohibition principle, rather than effective enforcement.

  2. During 1921 there was a serious falling off in public support and respect for the amendment and the Volstead act, which was reflected in increased arrests for drunkenness, increased admissions to hospitals for alcoholism and increased deaths from this cause. Serious corruption, leading to many scandals, developed at the same time in the Federal Prohibition Enforcement Unit.

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Jan. 15, 1924  Four Years Under the Eighteenth Amendment
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