What's New with U.S. Political Stats

Content Updates

Voting record analyses for the 2014 legislative year are now available in U.S. Political Stats as well as 2015 floor votes. Interest group ratings are available from a number of groups who annually review members' votes on legislation of interest to their particular cause. This kind of data can be an interesting way to look at voting records through a specific ideological lens. For clarification on the different groups use the "i" button on each interest group data set to learn more.

CQ-Roll Call has been analyzing member voting for decades. They are a non-partisan news organization and their consistent methodology allows for longitudinal analysis from the early 1980s to the present. The data allow users to see how closely members are aligned with the president's legislative position as well as that of the majority of their party. Offered for the first time in a databased format, U.S. Political Stats allows mapping and comparison of member voting score data across time and geography.

New congressional roll calls are added on a monthly basis and offer not only the traditional designations available from THOMAS, but additional designations buried in the Congressional Record.

Platform Updates