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100th Anniversary of the Bronx Grand Concourse -- Adoption. HRES907 by DistrictTransportationMotor Vehicles2009
1987 Supplemental Appropriations/Highways (in H.R.) HR 1827 by DistrictTransportationGeneral Policy1987
1992 Tax Bill/Child Credit (in Sen.) HR 4210 by StateTransportationGeneral Policy1992
1992 Tax Bill/Highway Trust Funds (in Sen.) HR 4210 by StateTransportationMotor Vehicles1992
1993 Budget Reconciliation/Gas Tax (in Sen.) S 1134 by StateTransportationMotor Vehicles1993
1993 Budget Reconciliation/Transportation Trust Funds (in Sen.) S 1134 by StateTransportationGeneral Policy1993
1993 Supplemental Appropriations/Passage (in H.R.) HR 2244 by DistrictTransportationRail Transportation1993
2004 Homeland Security Appropriations/Port Security (in H.R.) HR 2555 by StateTransportationFreight and Intermodalism; Maritime Transportation2003
Abandoned Shipwreck Act/Access Rights (in H.R.) S 858 by DistrictTransportationMaritime Transportation1988
Abandoned Shipwreck Act/Narcotics Laws (in H.R.) S 858 by DistrictTransportationMaritime Transportation1988
Abandoned Shipwreck Act/Passage (in H.R.) S 858 by DistrictTransportationMaritime Transportation1988
Air Force Land Conveyance/Passage (in H.R.) HR 5291 by DistrictTransportationAir Transportation1988
Air Traffic Control Center Designation -- Passage. HR1092 by DistrictTransportationAir Transportation2013
Air Traffic Controller Furloughs -- Passage. HR1765 by DistrictTransportationAir Transportation2013
Air Travel Rights for the Blind/Cloture (in Sen.) S 341 by StateTransportationAir Transportation1990
Air Traveler Protection Act (in Sen.) HR 2796 by StateTransportationAir Transportation1985
Airbus Subsidies -- Adoption (in Sen.) SCONRES25 by StateTransportationAir Transportation2005
Aircraft Collision Avoidance/Passage (in H.R.) HR 1517 by DistrictTransportationAir Transportation1987
Airline Competition Enhancement Act/Passage (in H.R.) HR 5466 by DistrictTransportationAir Transportation1992
Airline Competitiveness/Passage (in H.R.) HR 904 by DistrictTransportationAir Transportation1993
  • 3010 Results
  • 1–20 of 3010 Results