Students and researchers at all levels need to collect, analyze, and interpret data.

U.S. Political Stats is a powerful data download and visualization tool covering all three branches of the United States government. Bringing together valued content from sources like CQ Roll Call and CQ Press, users will discover a wealth of information on election returns, congressional floor votes, Supreme Court decisions, plus presidential performance and economic indicators, as well as diverse demographics. By harmonizing carefully vetted data into the same format—allowing quick downloads, comparisons, and visualizations—U.S. Political Stats provides power and context for researchers at all levels.

U.S. Political Stats in the Classroom:

  • I am researching whether legislative habits change when members move from the House to the Senate.

  • I am researching how Congressional partisanship can impact our everyday lives.

  • I am researching why in past elections voting blocs have chosen a Democrat for one office but a Republican for another office.