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Use this form to request referral URL access, which allows your remote users to seamlessly enter CQ Press product web sites through a secure location on your library's web site. Please note that you MUST authenticate your own users to implement CQ Press' referral URL process (that is the link to the CQ Press product must appear on a page only accessible to authenticated users of your web site).

To implement referral URL, please fill out the form below. You must list all the URLs from which you will link to a CQ Press product site. CQ Press will need up to 3 days to process the request, after which we will send you confirmation.

Additionally, please ensure that the referring URL links are exactly as they appear to remote users. A given link on a website may differ for those inside the organization when compared to how the URL appears to remote users. If you have questions about this, you should contact your technical support department.

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We do not authenticate users on our web site, but I am still interested in receiving information on referral URLs.