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July 12, 2020
CQ Press Encyclopedia of American Government

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 # 1856 Engraving of a Black Man Expelled from a Railway Car – 2000 Popular Vote Summary, Presidential
 A Abortion Protesters – Audience during a Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing
 B Background of U.S. Presidents, 1789-2003 – Byrnes, James F.
 C Cabinet of George Washington – Curtis, Charles
 D Dallas, George M. – Duvall, Gabriel
 E Early 19th Century French Map of North America – Explosion of the Battleship Maine
 F Fairbanks, Charles W. – Fuller, Melville W.
 G Garfield Assassination – Guardian or Authority of Law
 H Hamilton, Alexander – Hyde, Henry
 I Immigrants Being Sworn In – Iran-Contra Hearings
 J Jackson Cartoon – Justice John Marshall Harlan
 K Kefauver, Estes – Ku Klux Klan Marching in Washington, D.C.
 L La Follette, Robert M., and Son – Lyndon Johnson's Polling Numbers on Display
 M Mace, House – Murphy, Frank
 N Nancy Reagan's Anti-Drug Campaign – North Carolina's Twelfth District
 O O'Neill, Thomas P., Jr. – Old Senate Chamber
 P Painting of Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams – Presses at the Government Printing Office
 Q Quayle, Dan
 R Raising Soft Money: A Night in the Lincoln Bedroom – Rutledge, John
 S Sanford, Edward T. – Switch to Mitch Campaign Ad
 T Taft Throwing First Baseball of 1910 Major League Season – Tyler, John
 U U.S. Capitol Police – U.S. Supreme Court in Philadelphia
 V Van Buren, Martin – Voters in the 2000 National Elections
 W Wallace, Henry A. – Wright, Jim
 Y Yellowstone Geyser – Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co. Court Case Cartoon

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