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Should the elderly take steps to lower their cholesterol levels?Public-Health Campaigns: Do They Go Too Far?Mar. 16, 1990
Should the U.S. spend some of the 'peace dividend' to help the Soviet Union?World HungerOct. 25, 1991
Are the majority of America's children and youth physically unfit?Physical FitnessNov. 6, 1992
Are American women hampered by a cultural edict to be beautiful?Eating DisordersDec. 18, 1992
Are low-fat, low-cholesterol diets good for infants and young children?Dieting and HealthApr. 14, 1995
Are young people in worse physical condition today than they were 2 years ago?Youth FitnessSep. 26, 1997
Are medical researchers overemphasizing the health risks associated with being overweight?Obesity and HealthJan. 15, 1999
Do pesticide residues on produce cause people to become ill?Diet and HealthFeb. 23, 2001
Should restaurants be liable for customers' weight gains?Obesity EpidemicJan. 31, 2003
Should dietary supplements be regulated like prescription drugs?Dietary SupplementsSep. 3, 2004
Does insurance adequately cover eating disorders?Eating Disorders (Updated: November 28, 2011)Feb. 10, 2006
Should the government do more to lower Medicare drug costs?Rising Health CostsApr. 7, 2006
Should soda be excluded from foods food-stamp users can buy?Preventing ObesityOct. 1, 2010
Should hunger programs ban genetically modified food?Global HungerAug. 8, 2014
Are multivitamins a waste of money?Dietary SupplementsOct. 30, 2015
Should the federal government stop funding free school lunches for students who aren't poor?Hunger in AmericaJul. 7, 2017