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Should the Food and Drug Administration require a warning in the labeling of the antidepressant drug Prozac about a risk of suicidal impulses?DepressionOct. 9, 1992
Should the severely mentally ill be given highest priority itreatment?Mental IllnessAug. 6, 1993
Are the ADA guidelines on mental disabilities fair to business?Mental Health PolicySep. 12, 1997
Are parents, educators and others neglecting the emotional needs of boys?Boys' Emotional NeedsJun. 18, 1999
Do we need more school-based mental health services?Childhood DepressionJul. 16, 1999
Is PTSD an “invented” disease?Treating AnxietyFeb. 8, 2002
Can mental health care be adequately delivered in a managed-care environment?Mental Health InsuranceMar. 29, 2002
Should states public-health programs restrict psychiatric drugs?Mental Illness Medication DebateFeb. 6, 2004
Would stricter gun controls reduce the youth suicide rate?Youth SuicideFeb. 13, 2004
Will the mental-health parity law help patients?Treating DepressionJun. 26, 2009
Should states require all motorcycle riders to wear helmets?Traumatic Brain InjuryJun. 1, 2012
Are ADHD and artificial food dyes linked?Treating ADHDAug. 3, 2012
Will the new mental-disorders manual lead to over-diagnosis?Mental Health PolicyMay 10, 2013
Should doctors universally screen teen patients for suicide risk?Teen SuicideSep. 12, 2014
Are involuntary outpatient treatment laws a good idea?Treating SchizophreniaDec. 5, 2014
Should prolonged solitary confinement be banned?Prisoners and Mental IllnessMar. 13, 2015