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Will President Bush's April 14 proposal to Ariel Sharon advance the peace process?Middle East PeaceJan. 21, 2005
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Should Google designate the West Bank as “Palestine”?Israeli-Palestinian ConflictJun. 21, 2013
Is U.S. support for Israel the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East?Middle East Tensions (Updated: July 24, 2010)Oct. 27, 2006
Is President Trump right to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital?The Israeli-Palestinian ConflictApr. 13, 2018
Has Jordan taken a strong enough stand against Iran?The Elusive Search for Arab UnityOct. 19, 1990
Does America's strong alliance with Israel hamper its ability to advance the peace process?Prospects for Mideast PeaceAug. 30, 2002
Did Israel's military action in Gaza make Israel more secure?Middle East Peace ProspectsMay 2009
Could the Saudis draw the U.S. into a new military conflict?Saudi Arabia's Uncertain FutureMar. 9, 2018