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Should the CIA get involved in economic espionage?The New CIADec. 11, 1992
Should the CIA be abolished?Reforming the CIAFeb. 2, 1996
Is the FBI forensics laboratory too secretive?The FBI Under FireApr. 11, 1997
Did a massive intelligence failure permit the Sept. 11 attacks?Intelligence ReformsJan. 25, 2002
Are we safer than we were on Sept. 11, 2001?Homeland SecuritySep. 12, 2003
Should Congress create the new position of director of national intelligence?Re-examining 9/11Jun. 4, 2004
Did harsh CIA interrogations amount to torture?Interrogating the CIASep. 25, 2009
Should the National Intelligence director serve for a fixed term?Intelligence ReformMay 29, 2015