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Are immigrants a threat to American values and culture?Immigration ReformSep. 24, 1993
Is California's Proposition 187 pre-empted by federal immigration law?Cracking Down on ImmigrationFeb. 3, 1995
Should children born to illegal immigrants in the United States be denied birth rights of U.S. citizenship?The New ImmigrantsJan. 24, 1997
Should illegal immigrants be permitted to remain in the United States if they have been here for several years?Debate Over ImmigrationJul. 14, 2000
Are today's immigrants assimilating into U.S. society?Illegal ImmigrationMay 6, 2005
Should Congress repeal the Real ID Act?Real IDMay 4, 2007
Would tighter border security curb illegal immigration?Immigration Debate (Updated: December 10, 2010)Feb. 1, 2008
Is a border fence the answer to the illegal immigration problem?America's Border FenceSep. 19, 2008
Is the French ban on headscarves in schools a good idea?Europe's Immigration TurmoilDec. 2010
Should Congress pass the DREAM Act?Immigration ConflictMar. 9, 2012
Should the United States tighten its border security?Border SecuritySep. 27, 2013
Is U.S. immigrant-detention policy justified?Immigrant DetentionOct. 23, 2015
Should the U.S. build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border?U.S.-Mexico RelationsSep. 2, 2016
Will limiting illegal immigration protect U.S. economic interests?Immigrants and the EconomyFeb. 24, 2017