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Does year-round education improve academic performance?Year-Round SchoolsMay 17, 1996
Do video games significantly enhance literacy?Video Games (Updated: September 23, 2011)Nov. 10, 2006
Would the Education Department's Title IX proposals roll back protections against campus sexual harassment and assault?Title IX and Campus Sexual AssaultJun. 21, 2019
Should Congress pass President Bush's proposal for annual testing of students in grades 3-8?Testing in SchoolsApr. 20, 2001
Does the Obama administration have a good plan to fund evidence-based sex-education programs?Teen PregnancyMar. 26, 2010
Should all students be required to take algebra?Teaching Math and ScienceSep. 6, 2002
Do American students get too much homework?Students Under StressJul. 13, 2007
Do student rights interfere with teaching in public schools?Student RightsJun. 5, 2009
Should teachers be armed?School SafetyMay 17, 2019
Should schools increase the number of law enforcement officers?School DisciplineMay 9, 2014
Should Congress adopt President Obama's approach in rewriting No Child Left Behind?Revising No Child Left BehindApr. 16, 2010
Will reading remain a vital skill in the 21st century?Reading Crisis?Feb. 22, 2008
Are U.S. schools becoming resegregated?Race and EducationSep. 5, 2014
Should private firms be hired to manage public schools for a profit?Private Management of Public SchoolsMar. 25, 1994
Should colleges be required to prohibit bullying and harassment?Preventing Bullying (Updated: May 31, 2012)Dec. 10, 2010
Are parent-school partnerships the key to improving schools?Parents and SchoolsJan. 20, 1995
Should annual testing be extended to high school?No Child Left BehindMay 27, 2005
Will computer networking improve educational instruction?Networking the ClassroomOct. 20, 1995
Should there be national education standards?National Education StandardsMay 14, 1999
Should a liberal arts education primarily entail the study of Western civilization?Liberal Arts EducationApr. 10, 1998
Does home schooling promote the public good?Home Schooling DebateJan. 17, 2003
Should states let home-schoolers play on public school teams?Home SchoolingMar. 7, 2014
Should parents be encouraged to try home schooling?Home SchoolingSep. 9, 1994
Should schools have the right to randomly test athletes for drug use?High School SportsSep. 22, 1995
Should the Head Start program be expanded?Head StartApr. 9, 1993
Is grade inflation a serious problem in colleges and universities?Grade InflationJun. 7, 2002
Would raising teacher pay help struggling schools?Fixing Urban Schools (Updated: June 5, 2012)Apr. 27, 2007
Does financial-literacy education work?Financial LiteracySep. 4, 2009
Should higher education be state-funded as a public good?Expanding Higher EducationNov. 15, 2011
Should states have more control over Head Start?Evaluating Head StartAug. 26, 2005
Will national standards improve education in the United States?Education StandardsMar. 11, 1994
Should all states raise the high school dropout age to 18?Dropout RateJun. 13, 2014
Do for-profit distance-education ventures restrict academic freedom?Distance LearningDec. 7, 2001
Should schools use as much digital technology as they can afford?Digital EducationDec. 2, 2011
Should states make the U.S. citizenship test a graduation requirement? Civic EducationFeb. 3, 2017
Do charter schools hurt traditional public schools?Charter SchoolsMar. 10, 2017
Should schools be required to intervene when students cyberbully other students off campus?Bullying and CyberbullyingFeb. 2, 2018
Is the reported decline in public education quality largely a myth?Attack on Public SchoolsJul. 26, 1996
Should schools encourage most high-school students to take AP and IB courses?AP and IB ProgramsMar. 3, 2006
Should states require colleges to promote ideological diversity?Academic FreedomOct. 7, 2005