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What changes are needed to improve the treatment of asthma?Asthma EpidemicDec. 24, 1999
Is the U.S. government doing enough to protect the public from mad cow disease?Mad Cow DiseaseMar. 2, 2001
How can diabetes treatment be improved?Diabetes EpidemicMar. 9, 2001
Is chronic fatigue syndrome a “real” disease?Chronic Fatigue SyndromeApr. 5, 2002
Can the U.S. public-health system protect America from SARS?Fighting SARSJun. 20, 2003
Is there a serious risk of a human pandemic of avian flu?Avian Flu ThreatJan. 13, 2006
Should tighter restrictions be placed on antibiotics in animals?Fighting SuperbugsAug. 24, 2007
Would Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation of tobacco products help reduce smoking, a major risk factor for heart disease?Heart HealthSep. 12, 2008
Should the courts overturn patents for genes linked to elevated breast cancer risk?*Breast CancerApr. 2, 2010
Should Americans be penalized for unhealthy behaviors?Preventing DiseaseJan. 6, 2012
Should doctors be required to inform patients about alternative Lyme disease treatments?Lyme DiseaseNov. 8, 2013
Should CDC funding be raised to fight emerging diseases?Emerging Infectious DiseasesFeb. 13, 2015
Should genetically modified mosquitoes be used to fight disease?Mosquito-Borne DiseaseJul. 22, 2016
Should governments mandate quarantines?Pandemic ThreatJun. 2, 2017
Should the U.S. limit antibiotics in food-animal production?Superbug ThreatJun. 15, 2018
Do doctors focus too much on obesity?Obesity CrisisNov. 30, 2018