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Should churches tailor their programs to meet the expectations of Baby Boomers? The Revival of Religion in AmericaJul. 22, 1988
Are megachurches too big?Rise of MegachurchesSep. 21, 2007
Can the Vatican provide full disclosure on the sex-abuse scandals?Crisis in the Catholic ChurchJan. 2011
Is history essential for Christians to understand the “real” Jesus?Searching for JesusDec. 11, 1998
Should evangelical Christians seek to convert Jews?Evangelical ChristiansSep. 14, 2001
Should the Johnson Amendment curbing churches' political activities be repealed?Christianity in AmericaSep. 28, 2018
Should the pope share more of his power with the bishops, other clergy and the laity?Future of the PapacyFeb. 26, 1999
Should women be ordained as Catholic priests?Future of the Catholic ChurchJun. 7, 2013
Will its support of President Trump hurt the Christian Right?Future of the Christian RightJun. 23, 2017