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Should the names of those who test positive for HIV/AIDS be given to public health officials?AIDS UpdateDec. 4, 1998
Does U.S. patent policy delay developing countries' access to affordable, new HIV/AIDS drugs?Battling HIV/AIDSOct. 26, 2007
There will be no 'At Issue' this week due to denial of electronic publishing reprint rights.Combating AIDSApr. 21, 1995
Should wealthy countries tax financial transactions to fund HIV/AIDS treatment?Conquering AIDSSep. 18, 2012
Should African countries reject loans from the U.S. Export-Import Bank to help treat people with AIDS?Global AIDS CrisisOct. 13, 2000
Is more aid the best way to help the world's children?Rescuing ChildrenOct. 2009
Is “abstinence-only” the best sex-education policy for schools to implement?Sexually Transmitted DiseasesDec. 3, 2004
Should AIDS-prevention programs for teenagers focus exclusively on sexual abstinence?Women and AIDSDec. 25, 1992