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Does U.S. patent policy delay developing countries' access to affordable, new HIV/AIDS drugs?Battling HIV/AIDSOct. 26, 2007
Is “abstinence-only” the best sex-education policy for schools to implement?Sexually Transmitted DiseasesDec. 3, 2004
Is more aid the best way to help the world's children?Rescuing ChildrenOct. 2009
Should African countries reject loans from the U.S. Export-Import Bank to help treat people with AIDS?Global AIDS CrisisOct. 13, 2000
Should AIDS-prevention programs for teenagers focus exclusively on sexual abstinence?Women and AIDSDec. 25, 1992
Should the names of those who test positive for HIV/AIDS be given to public health officials?AIDS UpdateDec. 4, 1998
Should wealthy countries tax financial transactions to fund HIV/AIDS treatment?Conquering AIDSSep. 18, 2012
There will be no 'At Issue' this week due to denial of electronic publishing reprint rights.Combating AIDSApr. 21, 1995