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 Adoption and Foster Care
 Affirmative Action
 Afghanistan and Pakistan
 AIDS/HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
 Air Pollution
 Air Transportation
 Alternative Energy
 Alternative Medicine
 Alzheimer's Disease
 America's Image Abroad
 Animal Rights
 Aquaculture and Maritime Policy
 Arms Control and Disarmament
 Arms Sales and Trafficking
 Artificial Intelligence
 Baby Boomers
 Bilingual Education and ESL
 Birth Control
 Campaign Finance
 Chain Stores
 Challenges of the Courts
 Cheating and Ethics in Schools
 Child Abuse
 Child Care
 Child Labor
 Civil Liberties in Wartime
 Coal Industry
 College Financing
 College Sports
 Colleges and Universities
 Communism and Socialism
 Constitution and Separation of Powers
 Consumer Protection
 Copyright and Patents
 Corporate Salaries
 Cosmetics and Fashion
 Cost of Living and Wages
 Credit and Consumer Debt
 Criminal Sentencing
 Death Penalty
 Defense Spending
 Disabled Persons
 Disasters and Preparedness
 Drug Abuse and Trafficking
 Education and Funding
 Education and Gender
 Education Issues
 Education Standards and Testing
 Electoral College
 Environmental Protection
 Ethics in Government
 Ethics in War
 European Unification
 Evolution, Science, and Creationism
 Executive Powers and the Presidency
 Farm Income and Agricultural Prices
 Farm Labor
 Farm Loans and Subsidies
 Farm Policy
 Federal Budget and National Debt
 Federal Judiciary
 Federal Reserve System
 Federal/State Government Relations
 Food Prices and Supply
 Food Safety
 Foreign Aid
 Gambling and Lotteries
 Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Issues
 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Individuals
 Genetics and Cloning
 Gifted Education and Tracking
 Government Secrecy
 Gun Control and the Second Amendment
 Health Insurance
 Highways and Roads
 Historic Preservation
 Holocaust and Antisemitism
 Human Rights
 Immigration and Naturalization
 Insurance Industry
 Intelligence Agencies
 Israel, Palestine, and Middle East Peace
 Jobs and Skills
 Journalism, Newspapers, and the Media
 Jury System
 Juveniles and the Justice System
 Labor Unions
 Latin America
 Law Enforcement
 Learning Disabilities
 Lobbying and Special Interests
 Marriage, Divorce, and Single Parents
 Mass Transit
 Medicaid and Medicare
 Medical Malpractice
 Mental Health
 Military Bases
 Military Draft
 Missile Defense
 Morality and Values
 National Parks
 Native Americans
 Natural Resources
 New Deal, Great Depression, and Economic Recovery
 Nuclear Power
 Nutrition and Health
 Oil and Gasoline Prices
 Older Americans and Senior Citizens
 Organ Transplants
 Organized Crime
 Peace Corps, National Service, and Volunteerism
 Pensions and Retirement
 Philanthropy and Charities
 Political Parties
 Poverty and Homelessness
 Presidential Candidates and Campaigns
 Professional Sports
 Property Rights
 Protest Movements and Counter Culture
 Public Employees
 Public Housing
 Public Utilities and Electricity
 Publishing Industry
 Puerto Rico
 Racism and Hate
 Reapportionment, Redistricting, and Representation
 Refugees and Asylum
 Religion and Politics
 Religion and Schools
 Right to Die
 Rural America
 Russia and the Soviet Union
 Science Policy
 Segregation and Desegregation
 Sex Education
 Sex Offenders
 Sexual Behavior
 Smoking and the Tobacco Industry
 Social Security
 Space Exploration
 State and Local Governments
 Stock Market
 Sugar Industry
 Supreme Court
 Teens and Alcohol
 Term Limits
 Tourism and Vacation
 Traffic Congestion
 Trash and Recycling
 U.S. Dollar and Inflation
 U.S. Military
 Underground Economy
 United Kingdom
 United Nations
 United States and Foreign Trade
 Upward Mobility
 Urban Planning
 Vietnam War
 Violence in America
 Violence in Schools
 Voting Rights
 Washington, DC
 Water Pollution
 Weapons of Mass Destruction
 Weather Forecasting
 Wildlife and Endangered Species
 Women and Sports
 Women and Work
 Women's Health
 Women's Rights
 Workforce Protections
 World Trade
 World War II Aftermath
 World War II Reparations
 Youths and Work

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