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The CQ Researcher Online is both a tool for selecting a topic to research and a comprehensive resource for exploring that topic. To start your topic search, consider the recent CQ Researcher reports listed on the Home page.

If you are looking for a particularly timely topic, check In the News, which provides updates on issues covered in recent CQ Researcher reports. Or, consult Coming Up to learn about forthcoming reports.

If you have a topic in mind but need to narrow the focus, try Browse by Topic link which will help you fine-tune your selection. For example, by selecting the subject header "Medical Care," you will discover reports related to dozens of more narrow subjects, such as "Managed Care," "Medical Malpractice," and "Medical Mistakes."

When in doubt, try a keyword Search. CQ Researcher reports cover a wide range of political and social issues, including topics in health, international affairs, education, the environment, technology and the U.S. economy. Keyword searching may uncover information or analysis on the exact topic you are researching.