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Immigrants and the Economy

- February 24, 2017
Do they help spur growth?
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President Trump's vows to protect American jobs and improve national security by tightening U.S. borders are intensifying the debate over immigration's impact on the economy. Many politicians and workers argue that immigrants — legal and illegal — undercut wages and take jobs from native-born workers. They also contend undocumented immigrants burden society with welfare, medical and education costs. Immigration advocates respond that newcomers bring badly needed skills to the American economy, especially in the technology sector, where half the leaders of billion-dollar Silicon Valley companies are immigrants. Advocates also say immigrants often fill low-wage jobs short on workers, from home building to landscaping and dishwashing. Many experts fear the heated debate over immigration may cause the world's most talented young people to avoid studying at American universities or moving to the United States. Meanwhile, “Dreamers” — children brought to the United States illegally — are nervously waiting to learn whether the administration will allow them to stay in this country.

Immigration in Crosshairs

Immigrant advocates are pushing back against the Trump administration’s plans.

Immigration Restrictions

Tech company executives have denounced President Trump’s executive order.

Sanctuary Cities

Trump threatens to cut funding for cities offering safe havens.

1600s–1800sImmigration fuels economy.
1900s–1950sImmigration backlash grows.
1960s–1990sIllegal immigrations grows.
2000s-PresentPresidents Bush, Obama and Trump seek to change immigration policy.

Will limiting illegal immigration protect U.S. economic interests?


Steven Camarota
Research Director, Center for Immigration Studies.


Ediberto Román
Law Professor; Director of Citizenship and Nationality Initiatives, Florida International University.
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