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The Health Care Industry

- March 27, 2020
Can new models improve care and lower costs?
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Amid the tumult and disruption caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, a physician shortage and rising health care costs, providers and insurers have been focusing on new ways to make care more accessible to consumers. Changes include placing health clinics in retail stores where consumers can get primary care services, find help managing chronic conditions or even take a yoga class. Providers also are turning to telehealth — offering care via computer, phone or mobile device. Mergers and partnerships among retailers, insurers and providers are driving some of the changes as the health care industry struggles to bring down the high costs of care in the United States. The coronavirus pandemic is also boosting telehealth. But some experts worry about the quality of care offered by these new services. They warn that retail clinics and telehealth can undercut patients' relationships with primary care doctors. Yet given the physician shortage, other experts say retail clinics and telehealth have a vital role to play.

Legal Challenges

The Wellness Campaign

Mergers and Partnerships

1965–1997Major changes to U.S. health care system are made or attempted.
2000–2006New ways of providing convenient health care emerge.
2010-PresentAffordable Care Act takes effect and is beset by legal challenges.

Can telehealth help address the nation's primary care shortage?


J. Nwando Olayiwola, MD
Chair and Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Ohio State University College of Medicine.


R. Shawn Martin
Senior Vice President, Advocacy, Practice Advancement & Policy, American Academy of Family Physicians.


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