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- September 17, 2021
Will COVID-19's impact on work-life balance endure?
Photo of nearly deserted Archives Metrorail train platform in Washington, DC, on March 25, 2020. (Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla)
With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to upend workers' lives, more people than ever are looking to change careers. Career coaches and workers say one important factor is job loss: having side gigs and earning additional income are critical during a time of economic upheaval arising from pandemic-caused disruptions. But the growth of remote work and the shuttering of offices during the pandemic also have led Americans to reassess their work-life balance and to seek more meaningful employment.

What is the “Great Resignation” and why is it significant?

In what ways is the COVID-19 pandemic spurring Americans to reconsider their careers?

1940s–1970sThe ranks of U.S. professional, managerial, clerical, sales and service workers grow.
1980–1990The number of workers in occupations requiring greater education, training and experience rises.
1990–2009Manufacturing employment falls by about a third due to automation and foreign competition; companies outsource work to contractors and rely more on part-time and temporary workers.
2010–PresentTechnology and the COVID-19 pandemic spur major workplace changes.

Is the education system doing enough to prepare students to pursue new career paths?


Manny Contomanolis
Director, Office of Career Services, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University.


Nathan Conn
English and History Teacher, Lincoln High School, Seattle.


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Should they be prosecuted more aggressively?

Food Security

Can the global decline be reversed?

Social Security

Will Congress act to shore up its financing?


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