Many universities fund startups, sometimes co-funding alongside outside investors. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) led all U.S. universities in the number of startup companies initiated between 2008 and 2018, according to IPWatchdog, a leading source of intellectual property news. Over that period, MIT initiated 244 technology startups based on intellectual property developed by its students and faculty. (Note: Four university systems had high numbers of startups issued but were excluded because they do not report individual university statistics: the University of California system, the University of Texas system, the University of Maryland and the Research Foundation of SUNY. The University of Colorado and the University of Utah each missed a year of reporting data.)

Source: Dipanjan Nag, Antara Gupta and Alex Turo, “The Evolution of University Technology Transfer: By the Numbers,” IPWatchdog, April 7, 2020, fig. 4,

Data for the graphic are as follows:

University Number of Initiated Startups
MIT 244
Columbia University 194
Purdue University 174
University of Utah 163
Stanford University 160
University of Florida 155
University of Pennsylvania 144
University of Washington 140
University of Michigan 140
John Hopkins University 137

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