The U.S. cities most threatened by climate change are the ones least prepared for global warming, according to an analysis by the real estate website Clever. Coastal cities are the most vulnerable to climate change-related hazards, such as flooding and sea level rise. Scientists have linked climate change to numerous health problems, including allergies, premature births and stroke.

Source: Eylul Tekin, “How Climate Change Will Impact Major Cities Across the U.S.,” Clever, Aug. 6, 2019,

Data for the graphic are as follows:

City and State Climate-Related Hazard Status
Chicago, Illinois At Highest Risk
Hialeah, Florida At Highest Risk
Madison, Wisconsin Highest Degree of Readiness
Miami, Florida At Highest Risk
Minneapolis, Minnesota Highest Degree of Readiness
Newark, New Jersey At Highest Risk
Plano, Texas Highest Degree of Readiness
Raleigh, North Carolina Highest Degree of Readiness
Santa Ana, California At Highest Risk
Seattle, Washington Highest Degree of Readiness

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