At least 29 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws related to self-driving cars. Some states allow autonomous cars to operate without a human driver, while others require a licensed driver to be behind the wheel at all times. A number of states exempt driverless vehicles from rules requiring vehicles to maintain a minimum following distance.

Source: “Autonomous Vehicles, Self-Driving Vehicles Enacted Legislation,” National Conference of State Legislatures, Nov. 7, 2018,

Data for the graphic are as follows:

States Autonomous Vehicle Legislation Status
Alabama Legislation
Alaska No Legislation
Arizona No Legislation
Arkansas Legislation
California Legislation
Colorado Legislation
Connecticut Legislation
Delaware No Legislation
District of Columbia Legislation
Florida Legislation
Georgia Legislation
Hawaii No Legislation
Idaho No Legislation
Illinois Legislation
Indiana Legislation
Iowa No Legislation
Kansas No Legislation
Kentucky Legislation
Louisiana Legislation
Maine Legislation
Maryland No Legislation
Massachusetts No Legislation
Michigan Legislation
Minnesota No Legislation
Mississippi Legislation
Missouri No Legislation
Montana No Legislation
Nebraska Legislation
Nevada Legislation
New Hampshire No Legislation
New Jersey No Legislation
New Mexico No Legislation
New York Legislation
North Carolina Legislation
North Dakota Legislation
Ohio No Legislation
Oklahoma No Legislation
Oregon Legislation
Pennsylvania Legislation
Rhode Island No Legislation
South Carolina Legislation
South Dakota No Legislation
Tennessee Legislation
Texas Legislation
Utah Legislation
Vermont Legislation
Virginia Legislation
Washington Legislation
West Virginia No Legislation
Wisconsin Legislation
Wyoming No Legislation

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