New Space Race

August 4, 2017 – Volume 27, Issue 28
Is the U.S. falling behind Russia and China? By Patrick Marshall


Center for a New American Security
1152 15th St., N.W., Suite 950, Washington, DC 20005
Nonpartisan think tank that analyzes and proposes national security and defense policies.

Center for Strategic and International Studies
1800 K St., N.W., Washington, DC 20006
Centrist think tank that has analyzed space-related national security concerns for the United States, including the risks involved in depending on Russia for launches to the International Space Station.

The Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Ave., N.E., Washington, DC 20002
Conservative public policy think tank that reports on space-related security issues and other topics.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
300 E St., S.W., Suite 5R30, Washington, DC 20546
The primary federal agency responsible for civilian space programs.

New America
740 15th St., N.W., Suite 900, Washington, DC 20005
Centrist think tank focused primarily on technology and public policy.

Space Frontier Foundation
4539 Seminary Road, Alexandria, VA 22304;
Nonprofit group that advocates for settling other planets.

Space Policy Institute
Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, 1957 E St., N.W., Suite 403, Washington, DC 20052
Conducts research and organizes conferences on domestic and international space policy.

Stimson Center
1211 Connecticut Ave., N.W., 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20036
Think tank focused on issues that include space-related global security and prosperity.

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